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UK-DMC data from Chilbolton

The DMC constellation of small satellites provided several images to support the 2006 NCAVEO Field Experiment. DMC is a unique sensor because of its combination of wide swath and high spatial resolution. A single image covers an east-west extent of over 640 km, with a nominal ground resolution of 32 metres. Data were acquired in three spectral bands: green, red and near infra-red.

The image to the right shows a full resolution subset from the complete DMC image. This was acquired at 09:42:53 GMT on the 17th June, the same day as the CHRIS Proba image acquired for the experiment. The full image covers virtually the whole width of the British Isles, and there was hardly a cloud over southern England at this time.

Other DMC data were obtained from satellites in the constellation operated by Algeria, Nigeria and China.

Further information on the DMC series of satellites: DMC International Imaging

Authorised participants in the NCAVEO 2006 Field Experiment may obtain a copy of the DMC data via NEODC

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Last updated 26/10/2005