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CHRIS/PROBA data from Chilbolton

As part of the NCAVEO 2006 Field Campaign, data from the Compact High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (CHRIS) on-board the ESA PROBA satellite were acquired at the same time that teams were making measurements on the ground. The image shows a color composite of the CHRIS data collected on 17th June 2006.

The image shows scattered cumulus clouds over the area, and their shadows obscure some of the test sites, but many fields are clearly visible between the clouds. The town of Andover is near the left-hand edge of the image and the valley of the River Test is visible, with the river itself evident towards the lower part of the scene. Harewood Forest can be seen in the middle of the image with the A303 trunk road cutting through it. The A34 trunk road passes north-south across the right-hand edge of the image.

The CHRIS data were collected in ‘Mode 1’ which has 34 metre pixel size and 62 spectral bands between 411 nm and 997 nm. The colour composite is a combination of bands centred at 777 nm, 722 nm and 622 nm [R,G, B].

The Project for On-Board Autonomy (PROBA) was originally a technology demonstration mission of the European Space Agency. Intended as a one-year mission, PROBA has provided data successfully ever since its launch on 22nd Oct 2001. The CHRIS instrument was designed and built by Sira Technology Limited, now part of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL).

Further information on PROBA:

Authorised participants in the NCAVEO 2006 Field Experiment may obtain a copy of the CHRIS data via NEODC

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Last updated 26/10/2005