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NCAVEO 2006 Cal/Val Experiment

Lunch at the NCAVEO experiment planning meeting

NCAVEO is organising a field experiment in June 2006 which will provide the opportunity for partners to share expertise and information on the validation of EO data products for land applications. The area to be studied is 6km x 9km in extent, and is located south-east of Andover, Hampshire. It includes the Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric and Radio Research and the UK AERONET site. Remotely sensed data will be collected from a range of airborne and satellite sensors, including CASI, lidar, CHRIS/PROBA, DMC and SPOT, and there will also be several teams collecting ground data.

A meeting to plan the experiment was held at University College London on 5th April 2006, and attended by over 30 people. During the morning session there were several talks about the resources to be provided and the facilities available to support a number of cal/val experiments. In the afternoon, participants joined groups to focus on specific applications, including:

  • Traceability and reflectance calibration.
  • Validation of biophysical products based on the VALERI protocols.
  • Validation of land cover.
  • Validation of vegetation index products.

  • Registered users can click here to download the talks from the meeting.

    Click here for additional photographs from the meeting.

    Further information about the experiment will be posted here during May 2006.

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    Last updated 26/10/2005