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Example of data from the Chilbolton AERONET site

NOAA Image of smoke plume

The UK AERONET site at Chilbolton has been collecting atmospheric data since October 2005, subject to cloud conditions and instrument status.

An example of the data is shown in the graph below which record the changes in aerosol optical thickness (AOT) during the 12th of December. This was the day after the major fire at the Buncefield oil terminal.
The satellite data from the day of the blast show the extent and location of the smoke plume.
The satellite image was provided by the Laboratory for Meteorology and Environmental Modelling (LaMMA) and the graph by the AERONET Project, NASA GFSC.

Further information about the Chilbolton AERONET site can be obtained from Charles Wrench at the CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

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Last updated 26/10/2005